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Gratitute Note From Yayasan Geomatika

By December 27, 2021No Comments2 min read

Date: 27th December 2021

Assalamualaikum and Greetings from Yayasan Geomatika

This is a simple note to express sincere gratitude to all donors of Yayasan Geomatika.

The past two (2) years have been a very challenging time for all of us in so many ways. We were tested in different forms of tests either in health, losing loved ones, managing total online learning and communication, even matters that we can’t predict like flood catastrophe.

Your donation either by monthly salary cut, zakat or donation towards a specific target group have made differences to other people, probably without you realizing it.

Throughout the years Yayasan Geomatika has distributed the donation mostly towards the students by sponsoring and covering their partial study fees, pocket money or hostel fees. The students are from B40 group or yateem.

Besides that, donations have been used to assist those who are badly affected by the pandemic (such as both parents losing jobs etc). This to ensure that they would not lose their motivation and momentum to continue their studies. Yayasan Geomatika also donated to those who are affected by floods recently. Yayasan Geomatika plans to play its vital role in reaching out to more in need.

Yayasan Geomatika would like to thank the donors again for all your support. May you continue to support Yayasan Geomatika in the years to come. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and prosperous years ahead.

Kindly visit our website at for updates on Yayasan Geomatika’s campaigns and activities. Please note that all donations to Yayasan Geomatika are tax exempted under the Section 44(6)

For donation:

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