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Yayasan Geomatika is a registered Foundation under the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) with the registration number PPAB-03/2013. It is governed under the Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1952, Act 258.

We strongly believed that knowledge (Ilm) and the right mindset will pave the way out from the poverty and lift up our lives better. 

We see from our lens that every individual is special and their potential should be unleashed. When the self-esteem is developed, people will just do amazing.

Therefore, Yayasan Geomatika is committed to ensure the education and training would be offered in feasible manner to ensure it can be accessed to all group in the community.

Our Vision

To become impactful and sustainable Foundation to offer continuous education and support for community development and well-being.

Our Mission

We are a registered Foundation

We operate in good governance and report periodically to our stakeholders

We raise funds to fulfil the Foundation’s Objectives

We navigate opportunities to ensure that education is feasible and meant for all

Our Values

Integrity | Yayasan Geomatika






The YG Objectives & Focus

  1. To give financial aids to unfortunate students no matter what race or religion to pursue their studies in tertiary education under Geomatika Education Group
  2. To give scholarship or financial aids to the excellent student or students in regards with the criteria set by Board of Trustees or Donors 
  3. Financial aids to single mothers, orphans (yateem) and person with disabilities
  4. Financial aids to natural disasters’ victims

The YG Principles

  1. Quality Education
  2. Empowering and Providing Support System
  3. High Impact to the Community
  4. Sustainability

The guiding principles that we hold in Yayasan Geomatika are the four elements as above. We do believe that with good and quality education will empower and change the condition of a person. It can be in the way they think and act towards betterment of their living condition 

Yayasan Geomatika would also would like to be the agent of the empowerment and providing strong support system towards the receivers of our fund either they are from the B40, the single mothers, person with disabilities (OKU) or to start a new life after tragic natural disasters.

We do hope in whatever activities that we craft and execute would bring significant impact to the community and later the society as a whole. Sustainability is also our principles to ensure Yayasan Geomatika can always play its role and deliver its duty as a Foundation.